Types of Disc Harrows

Mar 30, 2018Blog

Are you familiar with the types of disc harrows yet? Well, it’s not only you. We know how confusing it can be.

If you need an efficient way to till the soil on a large lot, disc harrows are the farm implements that’ll get the job done. Not only will it break the ground effectively, it will chop up unwanted weeds and crop remainders.

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So you’ve figured out how to tell the disc harrow apart from the spring harrow, roller harrow, and chain harrow. However, are you familiar with the types of disc harrows yet? Well, it’s not only you. We know how confusing it can be.

Let us walk you through the different types of disc harrows in the market, and which one could work best for you:

Types of Disc Harrows

Single-Action Disc Harrow

Single-action disc harrows are disc harrows with disc gangs that break the soil in only one direction. They’re used by farmers in smaller lots as the cutting width range from 4 feet to 20 feet — narrow compared to others. Because of how uniform their discs operate, their cuts creates soil ridges and furrows. They are used for tighter segments that need fine controls. Single-action disc harrows are usually accompanied by manual pulling or other close-up soil management.

Double-Action Disc Harrow 

Also called tandem disc harrow, the double-action disc harrow are disc harrows with two or more rows of disc gangs. The front gangs break the soil in one direction, while the rear gangs break the soil in the opposite direction. This makes for a much finer, homogenous cut. Unlike the single-action disc harrow, the double-action disc harrow does not leave any particular pattern as it violently scrambles the ground beneath it. They make for superior leveling instruments. Due to the larger nature of the double-action disc harrow, they are more recommended for fields that cover a larger area.

Offset Disc Harrow 

Unlike the other types of disc harrow, the offset disc harrow has disc gangs that aren’t in-line with the tractor dragging it. But like the double-action disc harrow, it has two rows of disc gangs which break soil in the opposite direction of each other. While it varies, they are usually the largest among the other types of disc harrow. They are at their best when used in large fields. The offset disc harrow is intended to work as a primary ground tillage farming implement — breaking virgin ground. Their chew produces a much smoother level to the ground.

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