Disc harrows are excellent tools when it comes to cultivating and removing any packed soil or clumps when it is in the way of your planting.

When purchasing replacement disc harrow blades, look for ones that will not just perform the task you need but will also last for years. Here are some things to remember when looking for a new disc harrow.

1. Choose High Quality

Do not compromise quality for a cheap price. As much as possible, invest in USA-made attachments because these exceed those made in other countries in quality. The materials used in construction, the quality of welds, and the workmanship are the keys to a great, long-lasting attachment. A reliable USA-based company always prevails against those cheaply made products.

2. Heavy Means Better

It is crucial for you to get a disc harrow that weighs enough to sufficiently push the discs in the soil. If you get heavy enough disc harrows, you do not need to stack blocks on top of it, thus preventing unsafe working conditions and frustrations.

3. Look for an Adjustable Angle of the Gangs

As much as possible, the gangs of the disc must be angled or adjustable. When the gangs can’t be adjusted at the right angle, it will just go over the ground smoothly and won’t tear into the soil.

Remember that it is the angle of the gangs that gives the disc harrow its bite. Opting for adjustable harrows will let you set the right angle for your specific soil conditions. It is highly advised that you choose a disc harrow with easily adjustable gangs that does not require the use of any tools to save time.

4. Consider Ease of Use

Similar to any attachment, disc harrows will also need maintenance. To make it a lifetime attachment, you will need to keep the axles greased and the bolts tightened. Also, you must find and buy parts eventually, such as disc harrow bearings. As such, you should not buy disc harrows that use odd-sized discs or axles because you may find it too difficult to find parts in the future.

5. Opt for the Right Style

Plenty of disc harrows are offered with notched or smooth discs. When you have clay-like ground conditions, opt for the notched discs. But when your ground resembles sand, the smooth disc is a better option.

With plenty of disc blades to select from, know that manufacturers can match the blades you have used up with high quality replacement disc harrow blades. This will help ensure that you are properly tilling the soil for an excellent crop yield.

So don’t think twice about addressing your worn-out blades; the best solution is to get new harrow disc blades today.