5 Most Common Modern Farm Machines and Their Uses

May 15, 2018Blog

If you’re a new farmer shopping for different farm equipment, salesmen will smell the opportunity to push as many products as they can.

They will insist that every one of their product is a must-buy. However, most of these products are non-essential equipment with little value to your operation. But if you’re not armed with information, how will you know the difference? That’s why it’s important for you to familiarize yourself with modern farm machines and their uses.


Here’s a blog post to start you off:


5 Modern Farm machines and Their Uses


Tractors are the king among different farm equipment. They are the main workhorse of any modern farm. They provide the power and traction necessary to mechanize agricultural tasks. With the right attachment or farm implement, they can be made useful in every part of the agricultural process — from field preparation to product distribution.

There are different types of tractors in the market, varying in size and capacity. The tractor you need depends on the size of your operation. Here’s an article by Living the Country Life on choosing the right tractor.



Dating back to primitive agricultural practices, a plough is a farm implement used for turning over the soil to bring a fresh layer of soil to the surface. This is a timeless way to prepare the field for the planting process.

There are different types of ploughs: ridge ploughs, moldboard ploughs, disk ploughs, and rotary ploughs. Disk ploughs and moldboard ploughs are designed as great general-use equipment, while rotary ploughs and ridge ploughs have more specialized functions.


After ploughing, the soil is still too stocky and chock-full of soft and hard debris. Harrows are crucial farm implements used to break and stir up the soil, making it even and consistent. This is usually the final part of soil preparation before moving on to sowing process.

There are four types of harrows, but the disk harrow is the best type used in farming. Here’s a blog post on the different types of disk harrows in the market.


Broadcast Spreader

If you’re not operating on a small garden, you’re better off buying something to help the sowing and fertilizing process. There are specific tools for each, but you might prefer something for general use.

Broadcast spreaders are farm implements that can help distribute seed, fertilizers, pesticide and other products in the field.



When it’s time to reap the fruits of your labor, you need a harvester to help with the process. The most common type of harvester is the Combine Harvester — best used for grains like rice or wheat. However, you might prefer a specific type of harvester if you’re planting anything other than grains.


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