How Tillage Equipment Makes Farming Easier

Dec 30, 2017Blog

Tillage is one of the most tedious chores farmers have to do.

Tilling means preparing the soil to make it more conducive for seeds to germinate and roots to grow. You can do this by hand, with the use of some simple gardening tools, or tillage equipment.

There are different types of tillage systems. They are categorized based on their purpose and the equipment and implements used.

Primary tillage pertains to the process of creating a favorable soil condition for a seedbed. This farming process requires a variety of equipment and powered tools to ensure the soil is prepared well for the seedbed.

Soil may still have to undergo additional pulverizing, leveling, or residue sizing before starting the seedbed. This process refers to secondary tillage. Harrows are best used for this crucial farming process.

Harrows break up and smoothen the surface of the field that already underwent primary tillage. Harrowing the ground will break up clods or lumps of soil. It will also give farmers a finer finish and a good soil structure that will be suitable for seedbed use.


Using the right tilling equipment, including harrows, will allow farmers to enjoy the following benefits:

  • The shape or form of the soil surface will be changed and improved faster and easier.
  • Land segregation or the consolidation of rocks, soil crumb sizes, root clumps, etc. will be achieved at the same time as the tilling.
  • The use of the right equipment and implements will also kill and suppress weed growth and pest infestations.
  • No additional work will be needed to condition the soil to facilitate faster soil-seed contact, water penetration, soil warming, and other essential agronomic processes.
  • Better nutrient management will be achieved as well since proper tillage will enable the soil to better receive nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These are substances found in fertilizers that the soil and roots need for plant growth. This is because tilled land reduces volatilization and runoff losses.
  • They help with residue management.

The use of different pieces of tillage equipment allows farmers to achieve various goals and benefits in one go. They will be able to transform their fields into something more conducive for planting and growing crops. By utilizing the right farming equipment, farmers will get more work done in less time. They won’t require additional farm help as well. With the right equipment, farmers will be able to minimize production costs while enjoying more benefits.