Back to the Basics

Everywhere you go these days, you’ll find urbanites showing great interest in country living and creating their own farms. Some attribute it to the toxic lifestyle in the city.

Meanwhile, there are those who believe that the back-to-basics kind of life can help them regain high-quality living.

It is a reversal of a trend that began a century ago. Back then big cities were growing and people looked for a good life in metropolises. But now, city slickers are looking for a way back to the farm.

The “original” rural dwellers aren’t complaining. They believe it’s time to grow the agriculture industry further, and one of the best ways is by nurturing city folks’ desire to grow their own farms.


Agricultural Exposure and Education

Included among the demonstrations of support for this development, are the programs created for agricultural education. Rural communities are providing training for wannabe farmers. They even have programs directed at families with young children to introduce the basic dynamics of a farming life.

There’s also a growth in TV programs aimed at educating people on how to turn their small patches of land into edible gardens.

Not to mention, YouTube has fanned the flame of interest in farming with channels created by small-town farmers and even farming supply companies.


One Example

A perfect example is a drag harrow tractor supply company that offers various types of content online featuring the developments in the agricultural industry. It also provides a bounty of farming tips useful to first-time and small-time farmers.

This also draws attention to the direct connection between the farming industry and other industries. And of course, it sells a vast selection of equipment and accessories to make farming a highly efficient and productive effort — from a heavy duty drag harrow to replacement blades, bearings, washers and more.


Family Farmers Increase Demand

The growth in family farms is projected to yield numerous benefits to rural communities.

For one, there’s the trend of turning a family farm into a multi-corporation. When young enterprising people develop farms, you can expect an abundance of “out-of-the-box” ideas on how to be optimally profitable.

Many of them use the farms as the base concept for a nice rural escape for city-dwellers; making the farm an inn and restaurant. Lots develop new products from their niche so that demand can increase.

For young family farm owners with business savvy developed by their urban exposure, there’s truly no shortage of business opportunities.


Life values are changing again.

It’s nice to discover that a simpler and humbler lifestyle on the farm is the equivalent of the good life many are seeking, and that there’s enough support for it.