Tractors: What You Need To Know

Jul 25, 2018Blog

If you are a farmer, tractors are considered sacred in your farm, right?

However, it takes time and experience to be knowledgeable in terms of choosing the right tractor and how to choose them. A beginner farmer might find this task difficult since there are a lot of considerations to be mindful about like brands, costs, etc. This article hopes to provide any farmer, whether beginner or an expert, an in-depth information about a farmer’s best friend – the tractor.

What is a tractor?

The farm tractor is an engineering vehicle specifically designed to deliver high tractive effort at slow speeds for various purposes on the farm. Most commonly tractor provides power and traction to mechanize agricultural tasks like tilling the soil. These are really helpful to the life of a farmer because it lessens the workload more than half. Before the tractor was invented, tilling the soil was done manually by the farmers and it takes a lot of time and effort before everything is done and ready. Right now, everything is done mechanically with the help of the handy tractor.

Tractor Costs

Choosing a tractor is not an easy task. You have to consider a lot of things like brands, specific features of a tractor, and most importantly, the price. Buying a tractor is a major investment since it is not relatively cheap. However, it is not something you have to do often, meaning you only need to buy a tractor once and use it as much as you want.

A bare-bones tractor could go as much as $10,000 and the largest and most powerful tractors could cost up to several hundred thousands of dollars.

  • Medium size tractors usually cost $25,000 to $50,000
  • Large tractors usually cost $50,000 to $75,000
  • Tractors with 100 to 150 horsepower cost anywhere from $75,000 to $150,000


Tractor Brands

Choosing the best farm tractor in the world is an important task. Research and information is what you need to assure yourself that what you are doing is correct. The following are a list of tractors to help you with your choice.

  • John Deere tractors are the most famous in the world. John Deere tractors are easily identifiable for their green bodies and yellow wheels. They are a US based company and leads as the most searched tractor brand in Google. This are recommended if you want a high quality tractor.
  • Ford tractors which include famous tractor models such as the Model F series and the Ford 9N and Ford 8N models.
  • Case Tractors are notable for being the able to run on B5 biodiesel fuel.

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