The New Technology In Agriculture That Will Rise The Future Of Farming

Oct 25, 2018Blog

Technology has truly touched every aspect of our lives one way or another.

And why shouldn’t it? We all have experienced the advantages brought to us by the advancement of technology. It made our lives more comfortable, our work easier, and everything else quicker. Agriculture is no exception. Advancements in agricultural technology made the process of growing crops and livestock more efficient.

Most of us have no clear idea what agricultural technology is or what the future of agriculture technology has in store for us. This article will change that and shed light on agriculture technology.

What is agricultural technology?

Agricultural technology refers to one aspect of technology for the production of machinery used on a farm for farming purposes. They have been designed and manufactured for every stage in an agricultural process. These include machines for hoeing, tilling the soil, planting the seeds, irrigating land, cultivating crops, and many more. Moreover, agricultural technology also includes the advancements of fertilizers and pesticides that also help in a farmer’s daily tasks on a farm.

Agricultural technology is one of the most important and revolutionary areas of modern technology driven by the need to supply food all around the world. New technology in agriculture allows us to constantly improve machineries to further help these farmers. But what are these new technologies? The following will talk about that.

New technologies in agriculture

future of agriculture technology

Farmer in tractor preparing land with seedbed cultivator in farmlands. Tractor plows a field. Agricultural work in processing, cultivation of land. Farmers preparing land and fertilizing. Agricultural workers with tractors.

Modern farmers have shown a willingness and openness in accepting new technologies and techniques in agriculture. With that in mind, here are some technologies that change the landscape of agriculture.

Soil and Water Sensors

These soil and water sensors can automatically detect the moisture and nitrogen levels of a certain area. This is really helpful because farmers can use this information to determine the right time to water and to fertilize rather than manually deciding when.

Vertical Farming

Vertical farming is one component of urban agriculture which is the act of growing and producing food in vertically stacked layers. People who are not residing in farms or do not have a lot of space to grow crops can benefit from this practice for they can easily use a spare wall for vertical farming.

Weather Tracking

Nowadays, there are online weather tracking services that are solely used for agricultural purposes. Farmers can easily use these services on handheld farm technology and even on smartphones. This technology allows the farmers to have advanced notice of weather and prepare them for anything that is going to come.

Among other technology in agriculture, here are more examples:

  • Minichromosomal Technology
  • Pervasive Automation
  • RFID Technology
  • Satellite Imaging


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