Sustainable Agriculture: What Is It?

Feb 20, 2018Blog

There’s no question about what caused global warming and the tragedies that come with it.

At this point, it’s as obvious as the link between smoking and cancer. It’s not the Earth that needs to heal as it will survive without us —it’s us who needs to step up in our efforts to make Earth livable again. But in order for healing to begin, our efforts toward regeneration must be greater than our degenerative practices. This is where sustainable agriculture comes in.


What Is Sustainable Agriculture?

Sustainable agriculture is the conscious practice of ecological farming techniques and closer integration of farms with the community resulting in a better society, a better environment, and a cleaner profit. Let’s break that sentence down. 


Cleaner Profit

At the end of the day, we’re not running charities. Farms still aim to generate money. Sustainable agriculture DOES offer financial gain while caretaking the environment.


Better Environment

Sustainable agriculture is a big-picture solution meant to address environmental adversities. If enough farms and communities adopt sustainable farming, there will be a curb in the carless excesses in harvesting, production, and consumption. Additionally, sustainable farming means farms would not rely on synthetic fertilizers, toxic chemical pesticides, genetically modified seeds, and other detrimental farming practices.

Better Society

Sustainable agriculture breeds a society mindful of their relationship with the environment, food, and other goods. Aside from this, sustainable farming techniques ensure a healthier public. Without much use of dangerous toxic chemicals, the produce would be safer for consumption.

Closer Integration

Sustainable agriculture only works by working together with others. The system provides a great atmosphere for local economic cooperation. Employees are also given livable wages and fair working conditions.


Ecological Farming Techniques

This is quite a hefty subject but as Agrihome Expressions say, ecological farming techniques involve “much more than choosing not to use pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones.”


Here’s a great article that details on sustainable farming techniques

Conscious Practice

To practice sustainable agriculture, you must choose to do differently. It won’t be easy to go against the current of what the people around you are doing. But we, as farmers, need to uphold our responsibility as the keepers of the land. We must focus on bringing a sustainable future for the next generation.

Sustainable agriculture is the future of farming, or there is no future at all.


How Can I Practice Sustainable Agriculture?

The USDA created a Guide to Sustainable Farming Programs. This document contains an in-depth exploration of what USDA programs have been created to help farmers succeed in practicing sustainable farming.

If you’re looking to live the future, check the link out.


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