Flowers To Plant In Spring

Mar 20, 2018Blog

Wondering which flowers to plant in Spring?

The Central Coast of California is one of the most fertile regions in the United States. You’re missing out if you’re not taking advantage of its great climate by keeping a garden.

Wondering which flowers to plant in spring? Planting annual spring flowers would definitely spruce up the place where you’re planning to maintain a garden. However, spring flowers aren’t the only option. Keeping colorful plants all-year round — even through winter —is the best way to make your garden better. So, you should also start planting flowers that blossom some other time in the yar.

Here’s a list to start you off on your gardening:

Six Flowers To Plant In Spring


Also known as the Speedwell, Veronica is a perennial blooming from spring to autumn. They are characterized by long spikes of small petals that come in white, blue, purple, or pink. They grow in clusters, ranging from 1 to 3 feet tall. If you’re a newbie gardener, Veronicas are a great plant to start with since it’s easy to grow.

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Snapdragon is another easy-to-grow flower for beginners. However, it’s an annual flower — meaning it grows, flowers, seeds, and dies within one growing season. They have spiky, bright colored flower stalks which contrasts the cooler shades of most spring flowers.

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Sweet Pea

Bouquet of sweet peas

Sweet Peas are citrus-smelling pea-like flowering annuals that grow in many lovely colors. They are slow to germinate, but they bloom during summer and fall. They make great early investment to keep your garden colorful as the season changes.

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Red Salvia

Red salvia

Scarlet Sage or Red Salvia are striking flowers which people resort to when they want to add a splash of red to their garden. These grow as perennials in hot climates, but Red Salvia is grown as annuals in temperate climates such as the Central Coast of California.

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Gardening tools

Similar to Red Salvia, Geraniums are go-to flowers for people who want to add contrast to their garden since they’re warm and colorful. However, they come in all sorts of colors. Geraniums are easy to grow fragrant annuals which can be kept as houseplants after their time outside.

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Anemones are cool-colored flowers with a daisy-like shape. They’re low maintenance perennials that take a while before blooming. Anemones planted during the spring blooms during the fall.

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