Indeed, nothing is quite as satisfying as tasting a fresh heirloom tomato in August, with homemade mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, olive oil and salt.

It’s not only a healthy treat but also a rather elegant snack that expands one’s tastes beyond the usual junk food varieties, which are highly accessible to many.

Want to know the fascinating thing about this snack?

“Many people are choosing to enjoy it without going to a local fancy restaurant – they’re growing and whipping up delicious food themselves.”

Farming has become quite trendy again. In fact, in some countries and many parts of the United States, white-collar workers make the very deliberate decision to leave their “reliable” profession to go back to basics and live off of a land.

Instead of accumulating beautiful luxury items, they opt to purchase land and farm supplies.

They say they wish to make a life instead of a living, and farming and living off the land are considered good ways to do so.

The problem is that very few actually launch into this change with a solid understanding of what this life transformation requires; often they become overwhelmed by the technical principles required for growing food.

They may not even know what types of equipment and farm supplies they need in order to be successful with farming.

For example, very few are aware of the disc harrow vs tiller debate — basically, these two popular pieces of farming equipment pretty much perform the same task, but each one is more effective and efficient than the other in certain farming conditions.

A disc harrow is faster at getting the job done and is more resilient to rocks; however, soil gets more clumped with it. Plus, it can tackle more lanes.

Meanwhile, a rotary tiller is slower, single pass, it creates a leveled till, and makes soil fine; however, rocks easily beat it up.

Those who are thinking of becoming farmers may fail to understand which of these two is needed, and often end up with both due to the incorrect initial purchase decision.

If you’re considering living off the land and pursuing farming seriously for food security, assurance of food quality, environmental responsibility, and economic opportunities, then you must conduct your research.

Get in touch with people who have been farming for a long time, as well as the companies that support farming.

Key examples are suppliers of tractors and other farming equipment and farm supplies.

Write down all of your questions and get the real answers. Arm yourself with knowledge so you can be prepared for what farming life is truly like and what impact it will create on your finances.

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