Tractors and other similar farm equipment are essential tools in completing farming tasks.

You need to keep them in tip-top shape even during the off season to ensure that they run smoothly once the farming season arrives.

Here are a few tractor maintenance tips that you can apply to other farm equipment as well.

Clean your tools

Wash off the dirt and grime from your tools after every use. This will prevent any substances from hardening on your tools.

Cleaning your tools regularly also makes it easier to inspect them and see if there are any issues you need to be aware of or parts that need to be repaired. Use a pressure washer if you can to remove heavy layers of dirt, mud or silt.

Cleaning your tools also ensures that they work efficiently.

“For instance, dirt that hardens and accumulates on transmission housing prevents it from cooling effectively.”

Apply wax after every wash. Tractors are commonly built using fiberglass. In most cases, only the paint protects the fiberglass from becoming brittle. Applying wax provides an extra layer of protection on your tools.

Get your Farm Equipment fixed quickly

Regardless of the size or severity of the damage, you should have your tools fixed as soon as you notice anything amiss. A small oil leak may seem insignificant now, but it could get bigger over time.

Attending to the problem quickly makes the part easier and cheaper to fix.

As much as possible, do all of the major repair work during the off seasons, such as winter. This gives you ample time to have your tools inspected and repaired. So once farming season starts again, your tools are ready to go.

Check oil levels

If the tractor has not been used for some time, give it time to warm up before you start inspecting the oil levels. Being inactive for a few weeks or months, plus the cold climate, can make tractors slow to start.

Wait for a few minutes then you can start checking the oil levels, tire pressure and other parts of the machine.

Have spare parts available

Whether you prefer sending your tractor to a repair shop or doing the repairs yourself, it is a good idea to have spare parts on hand. Machines and tools don’t break down on a schedule. They can break unexpectedly.

Some parts also take time to order. Having spare parts ready in your shed enables you to do some minor repairs right away. No need to wait for days or weeks to start using your tractor or other farming tools again.